Award Boards/Perpetual Displays

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Awards Boards, or Perpetual Boards as they are also called, are a great idea to display the names of pupils who have received awards - Head Boys and Girls etc.

These are the modern equivalent of the old wooden displays you used to see in schools with the Head Boys' and Girls' names hand written in gold lettering on the board. Our Awards boards are produced on a Shimmering Black perspex background with aluminium name slots to display the names.

The names are produced on clear vinyl which are placed on the aluminium slots. Once fitted you do not see the clear vinyl; they look like they are printed on the aluminium. This means that updating the boards each year is a simple. We supply the new names on clear vinyl cut to shape. All schools have to do is position them on the aluminium name slots - the display doesn’t even need to be removed from the wall!

The displays are fitted to the wall with aluminium stand-offs to really show off the board. Prices include fitting by our own, DBS disclosure checked, fitters.
Unfortunately, as the manufacturers of this material have now ceased production of the range of colours that used to be available, only Shimmering Black is now available
Prices on application depending on your requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.