bike stands

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We have teamed up with a respected French manufacturer to offer a range of high quality bike racks - guaranteed for 10 years against corrosion!
These are just a very small part of the range available, including bike shelters. Please contact us for a full brochure of all the various ranges available.
The Modular bike rack is available in both single and double sided version and because its modular, a 6 space extension module is available in both the single and double sided options. Multiple extensions can be fixed together if required.
A simple and efficient wall mounted rack specifically designed to hold and secure scooters.
6 space scooter parking rack in galvanised steel and with an exclusive system to block and hold the handlebars.
Eyelets to enable padlocks to be inserted are included for each scooter so that scooters can be padlocked in for security.
All bike racks are galvanised and available in a wide choice of RAL colours.
They can be fitted by our own team, if your school is within our fitting area and have a 10 year warranty against corrosion.
Contact us for a no-obligation quote.