The Team

Paul Glucklich
Director and Designer

Paul is the main contact with schools. Having started the company in 1990 he’s normally to be found  hiding behind his Apple Mac, beavering away on jobs. However, he’s sometimes allowed out to go and visit schools.

Danny Martland

Sign Making Manager

Danny manages our sign-making department. He has deservedly earned himself a reputation for high quality workmanship with friendly customer service, starting with the initial measuring up, right through to fitting our vast range of signage and banners in schools and organisations.

Glyn 270x250
Glyn Davies
Photographer and Webmaster

Our photographers are a great hit with schools. Their friendly approach, as well as years of experience working with children means they are able to produce some great shots, especially if schools provide them with some dinner during the photo shoot!
Glyn is also our Webmaster.

Sarah 270x250

Sarah Yeoman
When she’s not taking photos at schools, Sarah loves to relax by . . . taking photos at her local Cub group. As one of the leaders she goes on their activities armed with just her camera!

Paul Winward
Our talented illustrator, Paul, has a great knack of managing to get customers' ideas onto paper and producing some fantastic illustrations.

Connor Pike
Connor is not one to keep his feet firmly on the ground - instead he’s usually up a ladder or on top of a scaffold tower fitting signs and displays he and Danny have produced.

Erin Owen
The latest addition to our team, Erin is bringing fresh ideas and designs to the team.